A space science/business conference in Kraków

Scientific Programme

The workshop will include oral presentations, poster sessions and a student contest.
Please send your abstract not later than the 21st of November 2013 (indicating the form of your presentation: oral contribution/poster).

The list of main topics that will be the subject of MeetTheSpace 2013 is given below:

  • Space Science
  • Space Engineering
  • Space Communication

Conference Plan

Thursday, 5th December 2013, Campus UJ P1.2

08:00 Registration desk opens
08:30 Announcements (A.M.Kołodziejczyk, INOŚ)
08:45 Formal Welcome (B.Wszołek, AN)

SESSION 1: Space Science 1 (chairman: M. Urbanowicz)

09:00 M.Hermaszewski, Poland – „Kosmonautyka wczoraj, dziś i jutro” (in Polish)
09:30 J.Krełowski, UMK, Poland – „Dark Matter – truth or myth?”
10:00 J.Molenda-Żakowicz, UWr, Poland – „Somewhere to fly”
10:20 M.Verma, Lucknow University, India – „The dark side of the Universe”
10:40 M.Banaszkiewicz, CBK, Poland – „Poland in space exploration”
11:00 Coffe break combined with exhibitions, posters.

SESSION 2: Space Science 2 (chairman: J.Krełowski)

12:00 M.Ratajczak, NCAC, Poland – „Hunting for planets”
12:20 M.Armano, ESA, Spain – „The LISA and LISA Pathfinder Missions: Science and Operations Scenario”
12:40 Ł.Kaczmarek, AMU, Poland – „‚Meet the Space’ with the Tardigrades”
13.00 Lunch

SESSION 3: Space Enterprise Development (chairman: P. Lejba)

15:00 T.Uhl, AGH, Poland – „Education by projects – new challenge for education in satellites technology”
15:30 M.Urbanowicz, SSBV Polska Sp. z.o.o. – „What is space and how to join to space community”
15:50 K.Kanawka, kosmonauta.net, Poland – „Developmental trends of cosmic sector – where is a place for Poland?”
16:10 D.Kaniewski, Poland – „The importance and applications of sounding rockets – today and tomorrow.”
16:30 Coffee break
17:15 M.Hermaszewski, Poland – „Moje doświaczenia z Kosmosem” (in Polish) (AULA)
18:00 A.Ustynowicz, Poland – „Chopin – the Space Concert” (in Polish) (AULA)
20:00 Integrational dinner in Konfitura (optional, not covered by the conference fee)

Friday, 6th December 2013, Campus UJ P1.2

SESSION 1: Space Education and Promotion (chairman: M. Urbanowicz)

09:30 S.Miernicki, Siedlce Society of Amateur Astronomers, Poland
09:50 P.Zagórski, AGH, Poland – „Aerospace Blockset for Xcos as free, open source tool for space education.”
10:10 S.Żankowski, ESTEC, Netherlands – „You don’t need to be an engineer to work with space”
10:40 A.Szeszko ESTEC, Netherlands – „How to start working in the space industry”
11.00 Coffe break, combined with exhibitions, presentations, poster contest

SESSION 2: Satellite-based applications and services (chairman: P. Lejba)

12:00 P.Lejba, BAO, Poland – „Satellite laser ranging technique today and in the future.”
12:20 R.Smolec, CAMK, Poland – „Science with the Polish BRITE satellites”
12:40 M.Urbanowicz, SSBV Polska Sp. z.o.o. – „Introduction to SSBV Polska”
13:00 Lunch

SESSION 3: New space-related activities in Poland (chairman: M. Urbanowicz)

15:00 J.Achimowicz, WIML, Poland – „The future of Space Medicine in Poland and potential for commercialization – Current status of WIML-NASA_ESA cooperation”
15:30 K.Błaszczak, AN, Poland – „Mars One”
15:50 B.Wszołek, AN, AJD, Poland – „Revitalization of radiotelescopes from Psary”
16:10 Concluding remarks and summary discussion
16:40 Coffee break/Poster session