A space science/business conference in Kraków

Conference 2014

Thank you All for participation and great contribution! See you next year!

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Meet the space is the event slogan and theme to inspire communication and activities during the upcoming meeting in Kraków, Poland.

Meet: is a friendly act, a good place for business, science, emotions, sharing passion, inspiration and creating relations

Space: is chemistry, physics, is people and achievements. Space is life!

The main aim of the conference is integration and development of cooperation between space scientific and space business environments on international platform.

In the context of Polish accession to the European Space Agency, emerging Polish Space Agency and increasing need to build procosmic culture in society, the Astronomia Nova association (www.astronomianova.org), together with Jagiellonian University organize a conference, which will be a continuation of the Kraków’s annual meetings integrating international scientific and business environments related to space exploration.

Recent success of the meeting measured with a number of started new projects and collaborations inspired us to develop this enterprise. This time we expand business and educational platforms preparing networking sessions, professional and educational workshops, inspiring lectures and NASA’s and Rover’s exhibitions.

Please, feel invited to actively contribute in the event by sharing your passion, knowledge and experience.



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